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Canada Mushroom Growing Supply List

As an alternative to pre-sterilized grain spawn , an alternative spawn is using Uncle Ben's Brown Rice which is pre-sterilized already.

This method is called Uncle's Ben Tek where you inject your liquid culture / spores directly into this package then cover the hole with a piece of tape. Afterwards, you allow the mycelium to colonize fully by patiently waiting several weeks.

Grain Spawn vs Uncle Ben's Tek:
Both ways work just fine, for a new mushroom grower using Uncle Ben's is a low cost way to grow mushrooms. However as you progress in this hobby, grain spawn will be the best bang for your buck in terms of $ spent for the yield you get!

Autoclave - $255.55 CAD via Amazon (Save $ buying USED from Ebay/ Craigslist/ Facebook Marketplace )

Another must have for your mycology growing operation is an autoclave. For a hobby-scale or home grower, we recommend using a Presto 23 Quart Induction Compatiable Pressure Cooker to sterilize your spawn / substrate at 15 PSI+ for 1.5 - 2.5 hours.

For grain spawn jars, 1.5 hours will do, while grain bags / substrate bags we recommend 2 - 2.5 hours as there will be more thermal mass to heat up. Remember to start your timer when it reaches 15 PSI as indicated on the PSI gauge.
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For innoculations, the next upgrade from a still air / glove box are HEPA Laminar FlowHoods. While you can buy professional laminar flowhoods used by medicial labs for thousands of dollars, there is an alternative that is much more $$$ effective!

I introduce you to HEPA FFU (Fan Filter Units), these little bad boys work just as well as long as you buy the HEPA filter that is minimum 99.99% filtration.

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