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Vancouver Coco Coir supplies premium Organic Coco Coir in 100g, 625g and 5kg compressed blocks.

Organic Coco Coir, used for growing mushrooms, hydroponics, aquaponics, red wiggler worms substrate, reptile bedding, and garden raised bed and potting grow media / medium!

We also offer gourmet and medicinal mushroom grow kits and spawn for oyster, shiitake, enoki, lion's mane and reishi!

Inquire at order@vancouvercoir.com for any questions regarding the product!

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Coconut Coir blocks for mushroom substrate cultivation of gourmet and medicinal varieties. It can also be used for gardening, seed starting, microgreens production, hydroponics, aquaponics, and much more!

Neutral PH, flushed salts, organic coconut coir peat

Retail: www.vancouvermushroom.ca

Etsy: www.vancouvercoir.com

Coco coir vs Peat moss

Wonderful benefits of using Coconut coir for your raised bed gardens. If you over water, there is much less of a chance of drowning roots. The coco coir will retain airspace throughout the growing media, coir tends to have excellent capillary movement for moisture and nutrients.

Coir fiber will resist breaking down from mechanical handling (i.e removing old roots, mixing in growing amendments), while peat tends to become not much more than dust after several cropping cycles.

FUN Fact: In Holland, coir has been used to grow long term crops such as roses for periods longer than 10 years!

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