Deer & Animal Proof Raised Beds (Free Canada Shipping)



Cedar Deer and Pest Proof 8′ x 8′ Raised Garden Kit

This garden kit offers 45 square feet of gardening space. It is made of solid cedar wood. The 5’7″ high fence stops deer and pests from entering. It also works as a trellis for climbing plants.
Key Features

5’7″ deer and pest proof fence doubles as trellis
20″ tall raised garden beds require less bending
Includes gate for easy access
Made of durable, rot-resistant untreated cedar wood
Comes with rust-proof hardware like screws and brackets
Optional automatic watering system available


Can be self-assembled in 4-5 hours
Filling with 75 cubic feet of soil takes extra time
No digging required, sits directly on level ground
Choose a sunny, level spot for best results
Fencing sections are 33.5″ high with attached black mesh
Total 67″ height effectively deters deer, rabbits and dogs
Looks attractive up close, blends in from a distance


Raised beds mean less bending over
Soil retains moisture better than in-ground gardens
Grow variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers
Deer and pest proof design protects plants
Cedar construction is long-lasting and naturally rot-resistant
Automated watering system makes care easier
Provides 45 sq ft of enclosed gardening space
Perfect for a family’s gardening needs

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional details to include!

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