Organic Sunchokes (red / yellow) – Jerusalem Artichoke


Organic Sunchokes (mix varieties of red/ yellow) while supplies last.

Grown in Vancouver, BC with organic natural practices. Farmed for 8+ Years adapted to Pacific Northwest Climate as well as drought-tolerant. They’re incredibly high in prebiotics, which are what probiotics need to “feed” on. They’re actually one of the best sources of prebiotics! High in fiber as well! Similar taste to potatoes but healthier

Plant in Early spring in full-sun, 4-5 inches deep. Mulch / water after planting. Drought-tolerant however benefits from watering.

Harvest when stalks dry up in late autumn, or early spring for best flavor.

  • 20 pieces – $30 (yields 60 – 100lbs)
  • 50 pieces – $60 (yields 150 – 250lbs)

Will try our best to have 50/50 of each color. Some bags may have more yellows than reds.


20 pieces, 50 pieces

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